Impactful Press Conference for Workforce Development & Hiring Freedom!

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🔊 Exciting News Alert! 🛠️ Join us in making a difference for Connecticut's trades! 🌐 Our CHCC Connecticut Heating & Cooling Contractors Government Affairs team, alongside other CT contractor trade groups and State Representative Tim Ackert, took a powerful stand last week in Hartford. 🏛️ Together, we are championing workforce development in the trades and advocating for the removal of hiring restrictions.

Catch all the action and insights from this impactful press conference! 🎥✨ Watch the video now: Link to the Press Conference 📺 Let's empower change and support the growth of our skilled workforce! 🤝🛠️ #TradeAdvocacy #WorkforceDevelopment #CHCC #ConnecticutContractors #BuildingTheFuture 💪🔧