ConstructOurFuture: A Dual Credit Pathway

Why this initiative matters:

  • Addressing Workforce Gaps: The Skilled Trades, specifically the HVAC field is experiencing a shortage of skilled workers. By integrating trade education into our high schools, we can bridge this gap and ensure a steady pipeline of qualified professionals.
  • Dual Credit Opportunities: Students will earn both high school and trade related instruction certificate credit, giving them a head start on their post-secondary education and career training.
  • Enhanced Career Readiness: The program will equip students with practical skills and certifications that make them job-ready upon graduation.
  • Inclusive Education: This initiative will support a diverse range of students, including those with Special Education services looking for a more hands on course, student-athletes who want to remain in district, and college bound students pursuing post secondary education in mechanical engineering, construction management, architecture to name a few, by offering flexible pathways to success.

We need your support!

We are seeking to collaborate with State Agencies and Local Boards of Education to bring this innovative program to our public high schools. Your support and advocacy are crucial to bringing trade education to your district.

How you can help:

  • Voice Your Support: Contact the State Department of Education and express your support for Trade Education and a Dual Credit Pathway initiative.
  • Reach Out to Your Legislators: Contact the your local legislators and express your support for Trade Education and ask for theirs.
  • Engage with Local School Boards: Attend school board meetings and advocate for the integration of dual credit trade education programs in our high schools.
  • Promote the Initiative: Share information about ConstructOurFuture with your networks and encourage other community members to get involved.
  • Meet with Us: Schedule a meeting with CHCC representatives to discuss how we can work together to implement this program in your district,

Link to our latest article: June 4th Workforce Summit hosted by State Reps Jill Barry and Tim Ackert