About Us

Welcome to the Connecticut Heating and Cooling Contractors Association

Organized in 1972, the Connecticut Heating and Cooling Contractors Association is an independent non-profit trade association with membership open to all state licensed (merit shop) heating, refrigeration and air-conditioning contractors, sheetmetal contractors and plumbers that employ licensed mechanics according to state law. It is also open to associate members representing manufacturers, wholesale suppliers, dealers, and other HVAC related firms and affiliate members including technical school instructors and building officials.

CHCC Mission

Our objectives are to strengthen and further trade relations, attract, educate and train necessary manpower, represent members at all levels of government and review and establish quality standards and procedures.

Code of Ethics

Passed by unanimous vote of the Board of Directors, September 18, 1979. All association members hereby promise to abide by the following:

  1. Strictly adhere to the letter and the spirit of all laws, regulations and ordinances prescribed by federal, state and municipal governments and agencies relating to our business.
  2. Practice and uphold the highest ethical standards in the marketing, installing and servicing of HVAC-R equipment, including piping, sheetmetal, solar heat, ductwork and controls.
  3. Require that all personnel representing our firms conduct themselves in a courteous, dignified and honest manner at all times.
  4. Maintain a policy of cooperation and good working relationships with governmental entities, general contractors, building officials and others.
  5. Monitor and participate in the legislative process to refine and enhance the climate in which we do business.
  6. Promote the growth of our industry and our professional status by working with our trade organizations to serve the purposes of human needs and comforts.
  7. Fulfill our responsibility as a good corporate citizen by accepting our obligations to serve our communities, and, in every practical manner, promote the conservation of energy and the preservation of the environment.
  8. Practice affirmative action and the principles of equal opportunity with no discrimination on the basis of race, sex, creed.
  9. Increase the skill, competence and efficiency of our personnel through continuing education programs.

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